Post-doc / Ingineer position in Myelin Repair Biology // ICM, Paris, FR

Profile / skills : Highly qualified and motivated candidate, with a PhD in neurosciences and with a research
experience in neurobiology Or School of Ingenieurs, Licence, Master

• Excellent knowledge in glial cells and animal models of myelin diseases,
• Solid background in visual neurophysiology (ERG, VEP) and neurobiology,
• Good training in pre-clinical studies in rodents and acceptance to be trained in methods
applicable to primates
• Training in immuno histochemistry, tissue imaging (acqusition and treatment)
• Mastering statistical analysis
• Spoken and written english is essential
• Mastering classic, treatment softwares : Image J, Imaris, and Matlab
• Evidence of scientific publications

Project : The group ( has a special interest in several aspects of myelin repair and has made seminal contributions to the fields of neural stem cells, myelin forming cells and their role in exogenous and endogenous myelin repair. The project in link with an international collaboration, aims to investigate the role of a pharmacological approach in primate oligodendrocyte differentiation and remyelination, using a model of optic nerve demyelination and up-to date molecular, cellular and physiological approaches to evaluate myelin repair.

The Lab : The Brain and Spine Institute – ICM – is an international brain and spinal cord research center whose innovative concept and structure brings together patients, doctors and researchers with the aim of rapidly developing treatments for disorders of the nervous system and enabling patients to benefit from them as quickly as possible.

Application : Applicants are invited to submit
• A full CV
• A brief statement of research experience and interests
• Contact information for 2-3 references

Contact :