University & Labex

Université de Bordeaux

UB  Open minded and humanist, University of Bordeaux is a place of freedom, creativity and responsibility. In tune with the challenges of society, it contribute to its development through the creation, transmission and enhancement of knowledge.

LabEx Brain

Logo_BRAIN   As part of the French Investment for the Future Initiative, the BRAIN project (Bordeaux Region Aquitaine Initiative for Neuroscience), led by Daniel Choquet has been selected as a cluster of excellence LabEx. This highly competitive award aims to reinforce international attractiveness of French laboratories.


Bordeaux Neurocampus


   Bordeaux Neurocampus Federation was founded by the ex University Bordeaux Segalen to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and research between the various neuroscience laboratories on the campus. Bordeaux Neuroscience coordinates the wide cross-disciplinary expertise and facilities and its clinical neuroscience partners in the hospital, and is engaged in developing ambitious training programs and conference series.



Images Associées


   In an environment where everything is uniform, Images Associées is a communication agency which stands out by offering creativity! It offers the creation, printing and personalization of a wide range of advertising media! With more than 20 years of experience in cross-media communication, Images Associées offers its skills, recognized expertise and quality service.


Associations and Federations

Association des Doctorants et Docteurs de Biologie de Bordeaux (2D2B)


   The main goal of Association of Doctors and PhD in Biology in Bordeaux (2D2B) are : To foster communication among all the students of the third cycle of the Doctoral School; To promote contacts between students, officials of the Doctoral School and the world of business.


Fédération pour le Recherche sur le Cerveau (FRC)

FRC+logo+2013+ssfd   Gather money for neuroscience research, and educate people about the importance of better understanding the brain to better cure, this is the mission of the Federation for Brain Research (FRC). Recognized association of general interest, it was created by five organizations representing patients of current major neurological diseases (Alzheimer , Parkinson , multiple sclerosis , etc.)


Rotary Club – District 1690

Logo_500   The association, whose headquarters is located today in Evanston (Illinois) is a non-political and open organisation that encourages high civic and professional ethic, and work to advance understanding and world peace. Its motto is “Service above Self”. The NBA is particularly in contact with Libourne/Saint-Emilion and Saint-Medard en Jalles Rotary Clubs.


Pint of Science

Pint of Science Logo

   Pint of Science Festival invites brilliant scientists in your favorite bar to talk with you about their latest research and findings. This is your perfect opportunity to meet the actors of tomorrow’s science in the flesh. You no longer have any excuse to not have a drink with us!