Thesis projects funded and proposed by the University of Birmingham

MemTrain Early Stage Researcher

Salary: £21,500 p.a.
Contract Type: Fixed term, 3 years
Basis: Full Time
Closing Date: 19th April 2020
Interview Date: Mid May 2020
Start date: 1st October 2020
Based at Aston University, Birmingham, UK

7 projects on offer:

  1. Development of therapeutics for dermal and ocular use based on plant bioactive compounds
  2. Understanding age and diabetes-related changes in erythrocyte membranes
  3. The role of protein lipoxidation in cell membrane signalling
  4. The effect of lipid oxidation on membrane protein activity
  5. De Novo design of membrane protein channels using a multidisciplinary approach
  6. Identification of new inhibitors of aquaporin water channel function
  7. Strain optimisation for production of high value chemicals

For further information or to apply, please visit the website or contact the MemTrain team:

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