Post doctoral position (Marseille, France)

A 3 years-long postdoc position is available in our team in Marseille to study the role of the cortico-striatal axis in the context of decision making and motor control  (exploration/exploitation, vigor, sensory-guided decision). The project will combine the development of a naturalistic foraging task (based on open-science/reproducible tools) and manipulations/recordings of striatal sub-circuits. The working hypothesis of the project is at the intersection of a theoretical model by the Versynen group (role of the striatum in setting the speed of evidence accumulation, and our recent work on striatum and movement cost ( 

Knowledge of (or will to learn) hardware control for behavioral experiments using python and/or of optogenetics in behaving mice would be a plus. More info about our team and the research institute we’re part of: 

Formal application (CV, short research statement, 2 references) or questions to Earliest starting date: 1st of April 2021. The position will remain open until filled. Starting date flexible until the end of 2021.