Post-doctoral position in neurosciences (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France)

We are looking for a postdoc candidate to study the role of specific nAChR subtypes in neuropsychiatric endophenotypes through touch-screen cognitive testing and cortical neural activity imaging during learning and decision making in rats. The candidate will work at the interface between two research teams of the department of Neuroscience of the Institut Pasteur, Paris. The contract will be for 2 years and should start in April 2021 or before.

The lab Integrative Neurobiology of Cholinergic System investigates, through combined approaches from molecular and cellular biology to behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, the role of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) in a set of neurobiological functions, notably in the context of neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases. The lab Neural Circuit Dynamics and Decision Making uses two-photon and three-photon imaging, multi-electrode extracellular recordings, patch-clamp recordings, holography based optogenetics and psychophysics in awake behaving animals, to characterise in detail single-cell and neural network activity in the rodent cortex during the learning process of a decision making task.

Candidates should have experience in rat behavioral testing and in one of the techniques mentioned.

Applications should include a CV, the academic achievements, a brief statement of research interests including your past experience and names of at least 2 referees. Applications will be accepted until positions are filled. For further information about the research visit and Florent Haiss – Neural Circuit Dynamics and Decision Making • Research – Institut Pasteur

Please contact Morgane Besson ( (Morgane Besson • Research – Institut Pasteur) and Florent Haiss ( (Florent Haiss • Research – Institut Pasteur)