Post-doctoral position available (University of Padova, Italy)

Postdoc position available in the Department of Neuroscience to study the role of the thalamus in the dynamics of population activity in the sensory cortex

A post-doctoral position is available from February 2021 on a collaborative research project led by Dr. Mehdi Adibi (STARS Starting Grant) and Prof. Stefano Vassanelli (NeuroChip Lab) in the Department of Neuroscience (DNS), University of Padova. The project aim is to study the role of thalamic input in the spatiotemporal dynamics of population activity in the somatosensory cortex. The project will employ new extracellular array electrophysiology technologies using Neuropixels probes and ECoG grid arrays in rodent model in vivo.

The successful applicant is expected to have fundamental knowledge of electrophysiology in animal models, preferably rodents (in anaesthetised or awake preparations), and able to perform extracellular recording using microelectrode arrays. Basic knowledge of neuronal data analyses such as spike sorting and LFP signals is essential. Competency in the use of Matlab or Python is required for data analysing. A basic understanding of optogenetics is recommended.

For further information contact Dr. Mehdi Adibi ( or Prof. Stefano Vassanelli (

Interested applicants please send the CV along with contact information for a reference via email to Dr. Mehdi Adibi ( or Prof. Stefano Vassanelli (