Engineer (ingénieur d’étude)during 12 month, MRGM INSERM U1211, CHU Pellegrin, Bordeaux

Position Title : Engineer (ingénieur d’étude)
Hiring Unit:  MRGM INSERM U1211 (GARAUDE Group)
Name of the immediate supervisor: Johan Garaude

Location of work:  MRGM – INSERM U1211 – CHU Pellegrin
Planned Start Date and End Date:  12-month contract from January 2, 2020
Posting Period:  The date limit for application is December 31, 2019


• Study the adaptations of mitochondrial metabolism in innate immune cells during
bacterial infection.
• Perform confocal microscopy imaging, lentiviral vector production, cell culture and
biochemical experiments.
• Maintain proper documentation.
• Attend and present her/his work at group meetings, lab meetings, etc.
• Track daily progress, organize data and produce report documents.



• Experience in immunology, mitochondrial biology or cellular biology research, acquired
in an academic laboratory or in the industry.
• Experience in confocal microscopy and/or biochemistry (metabolism) and/or lentiviral
vector handling will be considered favorably.
• Degree in experimental animal model will be considered favorably.
• Excellent team spirit, organization and data management skills.


Candidates should send the followings to :
• A cover letter containing statement of interest and future goals
• A curriculum vitae
• Name of 2 references from previous supervisors/mentors



Our laboratory is dedicated to biochemical and immunological investigation of innate
immunity in anti-microbial responses. Out project is focus on the charcterization of the
reprogramming of mitochondrial respiratory chain and metabolic fluxes and their
contribution to innate immune cell function. Furthermore, we are investigating
immunological consequences of mitochondrial diseases.

• Garaude J., et al. Nature Immunology, 2016. doi: 10.1038/ni.3509.
• Garaude J. Current Opinion in Immunology, 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.coi.2018.09.010