1 Year Postdoctoral position: Chronic stress and synaptic changes linked to behavioural output, Coimbra (Portugal)

Subjet: Understanding how chronic stress leads to synaptic and cognitive/behavioural changes that may underlie neuropsychiatric disorders. An hypothesis would be that miRNA-186-5p could be a mediator of such changes.

To whom: PhD in Biological Sciences or related with the following experiences: small surgeries in mice, stereotaxic injections, eletrophysiology, behavioral testing & animal experimentation certificate.

This position is renewable up to 3 years with full benefits.

Contact: silvia@cnc.uc.pt

Send PhD certificate, application & motivation letters; a detailed CV and up to 2 recommendation letters.

Deadline: January 25 2022

More info: https://www.cnc.uc.pt/en/research-group/synapse-biology