Neurodon Fundraising – 2017

“Brain diseases, we are all concerned!”

For the fourth time this year, the Neuroscience in Bordeaux Association took part in the Neurodon 2017 fundraising. What’s Neurodon? The goal is simple, distribute 2€ tickets at Carrefour markets to collect funds. In 2017, thanks to volunteers and its active members, NBA collected this year 606€ at Merignac Carrefour Markets During the all week, Neurodon collect 1966€. Moreover,  “charity party”, called Happy Hour Neurodon , at students’ house in campus carreire April 6. During this night, student participated to neuron by buying Pints of beer, “Croque Monsieur”, and Donuts. Thanks to them, 200€ were gathered and will be soon donated to the “Fédération pour la recherche sur le Cerveau” for Neurodon profit.