Student Job at Bordeaux School of Neuroscience from 20/03/2023 to 06/04/2023

Job description

On the occasion of the autumnal CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme held this year, the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience is recruiting masters/PhD students to :

📋 Set the table ready for the daily buffets,

📋 Ensure that dishes are properly stacked in the dishwasher,

📋 Close the venue at the end of the day.


📆 From the 20/03/2023 till 06/04/2023

⏰ Monday to Friday, from around 19h till 21h30.


10 euros/ hour

Students recruited for the job will also be offered complimentary meals, will be given the opportunity to attend morning presentations given by keynote speakers, interact with all the participants of the training programme as well as partake in the social events and farewell dinner.

Who to contact?

To apply for the job or for any of your queries, please contact