Postdoctoral position in neuroscience Lund University, Sweden (2-3 years)


The project ́s goal is to define the contribution of specific cortico-basal ganglia pathways to motor disorders in rodent models of Parkinson ́s disease and L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia. Methods include advanced behavioural analyses, viral vector-based neural circuit mapping, in vivo calcium imaging, and optogenetic circuit manipulations.

Lund University is among the most renowned institutions of higher learning in the Nordic countries, being consistently ranked within the top 100 academic research institutes in the world. It is the most popular university in Sweden for international applicants and was recently ranked as the 40th most international university in the world by Times Higher Education.

Sarting any time from December 2022 through March-April 2023. Duration 2 to 3 years


PhD degree in medical, biomedical, or engineering sciences, either acquired within the past 3-5 years or to be acquired before starting the post-
doc project.

Skills in some of the experimental techniques required by the project and/or in programming and signal processing;

Experience with statistics and graphic presentation methods;

Proficiency in written and spoken English and good communication skills;

Interest in neuroscience research.

How to apply

Submit your application to

Please include:

Cover letter indicating what you are currently doing and why you would be
interested in this project. Please end the letter with the name and e-mail
addresses of two reference persons.

Curriculum vitae, which should include your personal data (date of birth, current address, nationality), date of your PhD degree (with thesis title and name of your PhD supervisor), specification of your technical skills, and list of publications.

Please bind the enclosures in a single PDF file