Postdoctoral position at the Douglas hospital research center in Salah El Mestikawy’s team, McGill university, Canada (26 months minimum)

Position summary

The postdoctoral fellow will be involved in the development and characterisation of novel treatments for anorexia. The project will also include investigation of neuronal mechanisms underlying compulsive disorders (anorexia, addiction, OCD).

The program will be conducted with a mutant mouse model (expressing a rare variant involved in EDs and SUDs) The following methods will be used:

  • colony breeding
  • pharmacological treatments (IP or PO)
  • behaviour
  • surgery (virus injections, fiber implantation)
  • fiber photometry in vivo and on slices.

Overall, the project involves international collaboration with psychiatrists (Toronto and Paris) and with a research team located in Paris. Some travel may be required.

Full-time position for 26 months. Position currently available and start date Feb-may 2023. Salary: 50,000$ guaranteed unless additional fundings are available.


Knowledge in mouse behaviour is mandatory. Additional required skills/knowledge can be acquired at the Douglas research center. Prior knowledge of fiber photometry analysis would be advantageous however.

How to apply

Send your motivation letter, CV as well as 2 academic reference letters to the following mail address:

Important links

Additional information about the position can be found on the following link: