Postdoc Position, Gif-sur-Yvette, France // Deadline : Now !!

We are seeking for a postdoc position in the framework of a project called “COREDEM”, and which was recently integrated in the Human Brain Project European flaghsip. COREDEM aims at conceiving decision making models based on electrophysiological recordings in human and monkey, and ultimately test these models on neuromorphic and neuro-robotic applications. The project comprises a significant computational neuroscience component consisting mainly of two laboratories, Alain Destexhe at the CNRS and Paris-Saclay University, and Ruben Moreno-Bote at the UPF in Barcelona. We will consider spiking models that will compare parallel and sequential strategies to decision making, in a way constrained by unit recordings in monkey and human. Mean-field models will be derived from the spiking models, and such mean-field models will be incorporated in large-scale models of interacting brain areas. Both spiking and mean-field models will be integrated in neuromorphic SpiNNaker computers to be simulated in real time, to open the possibility of being used in real-time applications such as neuro-robotics.

The postdoc can begin as early as January 2021, and latest on March 2021, and will be for a 2-year period. We expect that candidates have prior experience either in computational neuroscience, or in decision making.

The working environment is the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience (NeuroPSI) of the CNRS, which comprises 22 research labs in experimental and computational neuroscience, mixed in the same environment. The postdoc will thus interact on a daily basis with experimentalists and theoreticians, and regular visits to the experimental labs of COREDEM (Stefano Ferraina from Rome and Tom Theys from Leuven) are planned. The postdoc will also interact strongly with the researchers and staff of Destexhe’s lab at NeuroPSI, and will actively participate to the activities of the EITN.

Interested candidates should send a CV and two recommendation letters at Alain Destexhe or email for more details