Call for projects: Clément Fayat Thesis Scholarship to Support a Scientific Project on Neurodegenerative Diseases

Opening of the call for projects: June 8, 2023

Deadline for project submissions: August 1, 2023 (11:59 PM*). *Paris time

Notification of results to project leaders: Mid-October 2023 by electronic means (at the provided email address during project submission).


The Clément Fayat Foundation was established in 2021. Among its missions, it supports education and actions dedicated to neurodegenerative diseases. In this regard, the Clément Fayat Foundation is announcing the funding of a thesis scholarship in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. The objective is to grant a 3-year thesis scholarship for an innovative and high-quality research project aimed at better understanding these pathologies, developing new diagnostic and therapeutic methods, and improving the quality of life of patients and their caregivers.

The Foundation can finance up to a total amount of €117,000, including all charges, i.e., €39,000 per year) through an agreement with the hosting institution of the doctoral student. No management fees will be applied. Intermediate reports reflecting the annual progress of the project, as well as a final report, will be expected.

Other obtained or requested funding to support the project should be indicated in the application.

Eligibility criteria

The project leader must:

  1. Hold a “Habilitation à diriger les Recherches” (HDR) or an equivalent qualification allowing them to supervise doctoral students.
  2. Be affiliated with a research team in a recognised research institution (University, CNRS, INSERM, CEA, INRIA, INRA, CHU) in Nouvelle Aquitaine, specifically in Bordeaux, Limoges, or Poitiers and the research project must be carried out within this institution.
  3. Submit only one application as the project leader.

The thesis must meet one of the following conditions during its execution:

  1. Involve healthy or diseased humans.
  2. Involve biofluids, tissues, images, or other data derived from healthy or diseased humans.
  3. Propose or lead to an application in the field of diagnosis, prognosis, or short- to medium-term treatment.

Projects that do not comply with ethical regulations or do not consider established scientific advancements will be deemed ineligible.

Evaluation criteria

Selection of projects based on applications will involve:

  • Examination of the admissibility of the application.
  • Pre-selection of projects by the Scientific Council of the Clément Fayat Foundation.
  • Final selection by the Board of Directors of the Clément Fayat Foundation.

The evaluation will be based on :

  • competencies of the project leader and their team
  • the relevance of the project to neurodegenerative diseases
  • scientific interest
  • the proposed methodology
  • the feasibility of the submitted project
  • the educational value for the doctoral student.

How to apply?

Project leaders are invited to submit their project (.pdf format) according to the template provided to, with a copy to in a single mail.

Applications must be complete, submitted electronically, and respect the deadline for submission. Any incomplete project will be considered non-receivable. The application can be submitted in French or English.

For any query, please contact: Contact number: 06 07 30 91 61

Useful links

For more information with regards to the Clément Fayat scholarship:

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