Animal biology assistant engineer position (NeuroDiderot Institute,UMR 1141,Paris, France, 1.5 years)

Application deadline: 15/09/23

Starting date: 01/11/23


Comprising 6 independent groups led by experts in the field, the NeuroKines team, located within the NeuroDiderot- UMR 1141 Institute in Paris, studies microglia, the brain-resident immune cells that play crucial roles in brain maturation and function.

The “Role of Microglia and Neuroprotection Strategies in Neonatal Brain Injury” team led by Juliette Van Steenwinckel and Pierre Gressens has shed light on some intricate cellular mechanisms involved in cerebral lesions during brain development. This offers promising avenues for therapeutic intervention and improved outcomes in neurodevelopmental diseases and traumatic brain injuries.


An 18-month full-time position as an Animal Biology Assistant Engineer, funded by a grant from the Brain Research Foundation (FRC) is currently available in the team. The research project aims to shed light on the emergence of metabolic disorders after pediatric traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

The selected candidate will thus be brought to

  • Perform surgical interventions and ensure pre and post-operative care.
  • Ensure the well-being of the animals.
  • Conduct and optimise immunology and molecular biology experiments by adapting protocols.
  • Perform animal sample collections and adapt existing protocols.
  • Monitor the health status of the animals and administer necessary treatments.
  • Provide technical training to interns and students.
  • Conduct euthanasia according to applicable regulations.
  • Observe animal behaviour and take measurements.
  • Prepare, process, and analyse samples.
  • Collect and organize information necessary for proper experiment management: laboratory notebook, records.
  • Act as a technical interface between the research team and the animal facility.
  • Managing relationships with stakeholders.
  • Using software specific to the activity.
  • Managing a sample bank (application).

Salary starting from 1,903.00 euros gross per month.


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (Bac +2).
  • Minimum of B1 level in english (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
  • In-depth knowledge of animal experimentation with mice
  • Good knowledge in cell culture, immunology, and molecular biology.
  • Acquaintance with waste disposal regulations in the domain.
  • Be motivated, rigorous and display a good teamwork spirit.

How to apply?

To apply for the position, please send a CV and motivation letter to Cindy Bokobza ( and Alice Jacquens (

Useful Links

  1. Neurodiderot’s website:
  2. Group Juliette Van Steenwinckel and Pierre Gressens’ team :