2018/04/12 – Postdoc position – Marseille

Nested cortical models for human and non-human primate inter-species comparisons.

The 2-year position will be funded by the Institute for Language Communication and the Brain in Marseille, via a competitive selection process. Get in touch with me (olivier.coulon@univ-amu.fr) if you want to apply. 

The candidate should have either:

  • a background in data analysis or applied mathematics with a strong interest in neuroimaging
  • or a background in neuroscience/neuroimaging, with a taste for and a good experience in advanced data analysis methods and software, and skills for scripting pipelines (matlab, python).

More information https://amubox.univ-amu.fr/index.php/s/C90AxcvGaAhYLS8#pdfviewer