Meet your elected NBA members


M2 Student, Secretary General.

Member of the association since 2018, she has been elected new Secretary General in 2019 following the departure of Sybille Marchese. She’s essentially involved in the management of communication within the association. Its main objective, in addition to its functions within the board of directors, is to promote cohesion within the neuroscientific student community, mainly between M1 and M2.

Concerning her university background: she joined the master of Neuroscience (Multipublic mention) after a biology licence. Since, she had the opportunity to work in different teams: Martine Cador (INCIA), Arthur Leblois (IMN) and more recently with Mathieu Wolff (INCIA) as part of his M1 internship. However, her interest in clinical neuroscience being stronger, she joins the GIN (IMN) alongside Emmanuel Mellet for her 6 months internship. Currently, she plans to join the medical studies after the master. Enthusiastic and attentive, she makes her available for those who need advices or help.