Pint of Science 2019 🍻

Once again, the NBA took part of the festival Pint of Science in Bordeaux this year!

The idea ?  Deliver interesting and relevant talks on the latest science research in an accessible format to the public across bars and pubs. This year during May 20-22, researchers across 24 countries shared their discoveries with you in their local pub.

In Bordeaux during this 3 evening, in 5 bars, we talked about exoplanets and lasers in the Levrette Cafe; focused on sugar effet and decision making in the brain at la Tencha; learned about e-learning and i-doctors in the Bordeaux Beer Factory; asked about Brexit and basic income at Les Copains d’abord; but were also concerned by the climate change and the phenomenon of the baïne at Starfish.

Huge thanks to the volunteers for putting the events together, to the speakers for providing the science, to all the bars for welcoming us, and to all of you for coming along for a pint! 🍻

PS : If you want to volunteer for next year, go on the website !! – As well as if you want to be one of our speaker!

PPS : Next year PoS will be in May 11-13 😉