Neurodon Fundrasing – 2018

“Brain diseases, we are all concerned!”

For the fifth time this year, the Neuroscience in Bordeaux Association took part in the Neurodon 2018 fundraising. What’s Neurodon? This action provides financial support for Neurosciences research. In 17 years, nearly 1.6 million euros have been collected, which has enabled the financing of 31 research projects on brain diseases . In 2017, 118 000 euros were collected in Carrefour markets  in France. The goal is simple, distribute 2€ tickets at Carrefour markets to collect funds. Volunteers also took advantage of these moments of exchange to raise awareness about brain disease and the FRC’s research initiatives.

This year, thanks to volunteers and its active members, NBA collected  766 at Merignac Carrefour Markets. During the all week, Neurodon collect 2700€.