Gallery – Sponsorship 2014

   To start the school year 2014-2015 in a spirit of experiences sharing, NBA organizes for the first time its sponsorship evening between M1 & M1 students in pub. All M2 students will be assigned a godchild in M1 ISIS or N2P2. In order to be international, M2 students sponsor foreign Neurasmus students too who just arrived in Bordeaux. All pairs or group of three are an opportunity to create a stronger link between us… Bordeaux Neuroscience students ! Wednesday, September 12th 2014

IMGP3138   IMGP3139   IMGP3141

IMGP3142   IMGP3145   IMGP3146

IMGP3147   IMGP3149   IMGP3163

IMGP3169   IMGP3174   IMGP3177

IMGP3180   IMGP3182   IMGP3185

IMGP3186   IMGP3189   IMGP3192

IMGP3194  IMGP3204

IMGP3195   IMGP3200   IMGP3202

IMGP3205   IMGP3206   IMGP3208

IMGP3203   IMGP3211   IMGP3212

IMGP3214   IMGP3215   IMGP3218

IMGP3220   IMGP3223   IMGP3197

IMGP3224   IMGP3225   IMGP3227

La NBA et ses membres vous remercie !

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