Post-doctoral fellow or research assistant position in behavioural neuroscience of reward – Samaha laboratory – Université de Montréal

Dr Anne-Noel Samaha’s laboratory at the Université de Montréal is looking for a post-doctoral fellow or research assistant. The research work involves characterizing the role of the amygdala and its projections in the behavioural response to reward cues in rats. As an example, see

I will hire someone i) whose primary expertise is in the behavioural neuroscience of reward, and ii) who has demonstrated experience with optogenetic manipulations in vivo.

This profile is required. Please only apply if you have it.

Training in complementary techniques such as DREADDs, electrophysiology, voltammetry and in molecular biology assays is also desirable. Being able to speak French is an asset, but not required.

Our lab is dynamic and very collaborative. We are part of several research groups and networks, with many opportunities for collaborations. I will also support you in gaining visibility for your research work and in learning the skills necessary for a career in science.

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To apply, please send your cover letter, CV, representative publications and contact details for two references to Dr Mike Robinson & Dr A Samaha

Candidates in Canada or who can easily travel to Canada will be given preference.