Cardiac Electrophysiologist wanted – New York – USA

Position: Basic Cardiac electrophysiologistLocation: VA New York Harbor Healthcare System, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Qualification: Applicants must have a PhD and relevant experience and knowledge in basic cardiac electrophysiology. Post-doctoral experience is a plus.

Position description: The applicant must master all aspects of the patch clamp technique and its application to cardiac myocytes, human iPSC-CMs and HEK293 cells as well as data acquisition and analysis using pCLAMP software. In addition, the applicant must be familiar with optical mapping techniques, ECG recording from rodents (guinea-pigs, mouse and rats), and cell enzymatic dissociation from rodents, cell culture (HL1 and HEK293) and expression of ion channels in expression systems. Must be familiar with the Langendorff technique for a working heart and cell isolation. Additional desired qualifications are knowledge of the basic molecular biology and biochemistry techniques as they apply to the heart.
Salary: Commensurate with experience. 

Mohamed Boutjdir (
Professor, Depts. of Medicine, Cell Biology and PharmacologyState University of New York Downstate Medical CenterNew York, 11203