PhD Position // Uppsala University, Sweden. Deadline : 03/02/2020

Research Project at Uppsala University, Sweden, starting Spring term 2020.

Are you interested in pursuing neuroscience research in beautiful Sweden?

Project : Our research group works with experimental neuroscience using transgenic mice to increase the understanding of basal ganglia circuitries in motor, limbic and associative functions. We are primarily interested in the neurocircuitry of the subthalamic nucleus (STN) which is a main target area for deep-brain-stimulation (DBS) electrodes in Parkinson´s disease and in certain affective disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). We are interested in subtyping neurons within the STN in terms of circuitry and function to increase specificity in clinical DBS, but also to increase the basic understanding of brain function and how this might go wrong in disorders of motivation, reward and movement.

Lab : We are a small research group now looking for a new student who might be interested to join our team. We are located at Uppsala University in the centre of Uppsala, a student-friendly town 70 km north of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. We work in a highly international scientific community (where English in the main language). We collaborate with researchers at Bordeaux University and have excellent experience of neuroscience students trained at Bordeaux.

We will open a PhD position in the Spring of 2020. To evaluate candidates, we already now offer the opportunity to do a 2-4 month research project for 1-2 students interested in doing their PhD in our group.

Profile :The project position requires that you have taken university level courses in Neurobiology/Neuroscience or equivalent with good grades. We also value knowledge in pharmacology and how to handle experimental rodents, including a certificate (Felasa or similar) to show for it. We will take special consideration to communicative abilities and to neuroscientific interest and motivation.

Main tasks will involve behavioral analysis in transgenic mice using pharmacological and optogenetics, and molecular (PCR) as well as histological analyses of brain tissue.

Application : If you are interested in a short-term project possibly followed by a PhD position in our lab, please send us:

– Your CV;

– The name and contact info to 2 senior researchers with whom you have worked;

– A letter introducing yourself and what motivates you to apply to our lab.

Send your application to Åsa Mackenzie, before Feb 3, 2020.

For more information about our work, please search PubMed for Åsa Wallén-Mackenzie. You can also address our web page for further information: