Engineer position at CYBIO, Institut Cochin, Paris (3 years, renewable)


Located in the vibrant heart of Paris, the Cochin Institute is recognised as one of the foremost institutions in biomedical research in France. Operating under the joint supervision of INSERM, CNRS and Université Paris Cité, the institute is directed by Dr Florence NIEDERGANG.

The institute is actively seeking for a talented research engineer to oversee projects that relate to biomarker assays and single-cell molecular analysis. The main responsibilities of this position include:

  1. Providing advise and assistance to requesting teams in selecting the best suited technology to their project.
  2. Fine-tuning existing technologies to meet with the requesting team’s specific demands.
  3. Undertaking parts of the projects on behalf of the requesting teams project or training them for implementation.
  4. Being in charge of the L2 829, which involve the monitoring of new entrants in the L2, ensuring compliance with the L2 procedures ensuring the smooth functioning of the L2 (supply, cleaning…)
  5. Training users in handling platform equipments, particularly the ARIA cell sorters.
  6. Engaging in dialogue with platform users to understand their needs, assisting them in equipment selection and providing guidance in data analysis using softwares such as FlowJo, Cytobank, Omiq.
  7. Participating in equipment management including maintenance, quality control and troubleshooting.
  8. Contributing to the quality control approach for ISO 9001 certification by preparing necessary documentations, writing procedures etc.
  9. Assisting in consumables and orders management.
  10. Contributing to the management of the website and the Openiris reservation system.

This full-time job (38.5 hours per week) offers the possibility of telecommuting. It is open to INSERM employees through internal mobility, non-INSERM employees through secondment and to individuals employed through contractual fixed-term contracts. Position is available immediately.

Civil servants will be remunerated according to the statutory conditions (salary scale and corresponding IFSE for the position). Contractual employees will enjoy a salary receive a starting gross salary of €2,457, commensurate with professional experience in equivalent positions.


  1. Minimum degree required: Bachelor’s or undergraduate
  2. Applicants should have a solid knowledge of biology, immunology and flow cytometry.
  3. Proficiency in instruments managed by the platform, particularly in flow cytometry (analyzers and cell sorters).
  4. Candidates be adept at biomarker assay techniques (Luminex, MSD and Qaunterix), as well as sample preparation for single-cell analysis (10X technology).
  5. Proficiency in flow cytometry analysis softwares (FlowJo, Omiq, etc.) is also expected.

Successful applicants should be able to supervise and provide training to new users, exhibit strong organisational skills, display an attention to details and show a certain adaptability and flexibility when handling unexpected situations such as equipment malfunctions. Previous experience in a similar position would be advantageous.

How to apply


Mme Muriel ANDRIEU :

For INSERM employees, apply via :

For non-INSERM civil employees, you should create a profile on the Gaia website accessible through the following link:

For contractuals, please send a CV and motivation letter to

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