Deadline 31st of May : PhD position // Institut de génétique et biologie moléculaire et cellulaire, Strasbourg, FR

Profile: The candidate should hold a Master degree, with a background in either neuroscience or molecular biology.The
ideal candidate has previous experience with animal work or omic analysis.

Project: The overarching goal of this Idex-funded project is to define how tRNA pools regulate cell fate acquisition during
mammalian corticogenesis. Our hypothesis is that the fine-tuned balance between cellular self-renewal and differentiation in the developing cortex requires tight regulation of cell-type specific tRNA pools. First, to understand whether tRNAs pool is shaped during cortical development to allow generation of fully functional neurons, we will perform a high-resolution analysis of tRNAs repertoires in two distinct isolated cell populations, cortical progenitors and cortical neurons. This tRNAs omics analysis will provide a high-confidence list of candidate targets whose expression varies between progenitors and neurons for further functional studies. Second, to uncover the functional consequences of perturbing tRNA repertoires during cortical development, the phD candidate will define the cellular processes regulated by the selected tRNAs by manipulating tRNA abundance using
in utero shRNA electroporation (IUE), and fine-grained lineage tracing.

Lab: The PhD candidate will join the ATIP/avenir research team headed by Juliette Godin in the Department of Translational Medicine and Neurogenetics at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC), Strasbourg, France. The Godin lab is provided with a fully equipped molecular and biochemistry laboratory, and is embedded in a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary environment. The candidate will benefit from an excellent work environment, including various state-of–the art research facilities at IGBMC and at the Mouse clinical Institute and international collaborations. Located in Illkirch near Strasbourg, France, the IGBMC is one of the leading European centers of biomedical research.

Application: The position will be open until 31st of May 2019. Applications, including CV, a cover letter describing research
interest, and contact information of two references should be sent to