14 early stage researchers (ESRs) PhD positions // Syn2Psy – Europe

Profile : Excellent and highly motivated candidates with interest in synapse pathology in neuropsychiatric disorders, having an MSc degree in Biochemistry, Biology, Biological chemistry, Biomedical sciences, Pharmacy, Bio-informatics, or related disciplines. ESRs will work towards a PhD degree, completed with training opportunities in relevant non-academic organizations through secondments.

The Labs : Syn2Psy is a consortium of 7 top-level academic research institutions and 5 non-academic leading organisations, located in Portugal, UK, France, Switzerland, Denmark and Germany.

Syn2Psy provides PhD-level training to integrate molecules, synapses, neurons, circuits and behaviour, to understand and treat neuropsychiatric disorders. Syn2Psy scientific aims are to: 1) Identify synaptic mechanisms that are dysfunctional in neuropsychiatric disorders; 2) Generate and characterize human cell-derived and animal models of disease that will inform on neuronal pathways that are disrupted and may be targets for therapies; 3) Test rational therapies, and understand how life stress impacts on disease pathways. Syn2Psy leverages on a multidisciplinary research team involving scientists with a comprehensive know-how in the field of neuroscience, ranging from molecular and cellular studies to neurophysiology, neuronal circuits, neural dynamics and behaviour, complemented by specialists from the pharmaceutical sector, optical microscopy and digital imaging technology and healthcare providers. This combination of interdisciplinary and intersectoral expertise is particularly suited for addressing synapse pathology in neuropsychiatric disorders, and to provide cutting-edge advanced training for young researchers looking to head-start a science-driven career and contribute to answer a critical societal challenge.
Application : Highly motivated candidates can submit their application through the Syn2Psy website. Deadline for submission is May 15, 2019.