Post-doctoral position, INSERM U1266, Paris, France

Team of María Cecilia Angulo
Neuron-oligodendroglia interactions in myelination and myelin repair
Insitute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris (IPNP); INSERM U1266, Paris, France

The position will be for 2-3 years

Starting date: January 2021

We seek to hire a highly motivated young postdoctoral fellow to investigate how neuron- oligodendroglia interactions drive cortical circuit maturation and function, impacting cognitive processes. The postdoc candidate should have expertise in electrophysiology in vivo and behavior. A background in patch-clamp recordings in brain slices, as well as experience in transgenic mice and glial cells, would be appreciated but not required. The post-doc candidate will integrate our team located in the new Institut of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris (IPNP) inside Sainte-Anne Hospital, a highly stimulating environment.

Interested candidates should send their CV, a motivation letter including research interests and names of 2 referees to:

For more information: post-doc-proposition-angulo-2021