Postdoctoral position in circuit and behavioural neuroscience at the Mediterranean Institute of Neurobiology (INMED) Marseille, France


The focus of the lab is exploring the interactions between internal models and sensory information. Specifically, we study how long-range connections steer activity in the visual cortices using electrophysiology (Galloni et al. 2020), viral tracing, optogenetics (Galloni et al. 2021), in vivo recordings and behaviour. Neuroscience research in Marseille is broad, diverse, and therefore very fertile. INMED offers state-of-the-art research platforms and a collaborative scientific environment. The city of Marseille is a unique gem in the heart of the Mediterranean, culturally diverse and surrounded by magnificent nature. The post is for 3 years and is funded by an A*Midex grant.


The ideal candidate should have a proven track record in developing behavioural tasks for head-fixed mice and/or experience with extracellular recordings in behaving animals. Affinity for developing open-source research equipment is an advantage.

How to apply ?

Interested candidates should send a short motivation letter, CV including publications, and contact details for 2 referees to Informal enquiries are encouraged.