Postdoc position in integrative neuroscience // NeuroPSI, Paris, FR

Project : We are looking for a post-doctoral researcher interested in all-optical neuronal interrogation of the brain, and more specifically on the characterization of sensory- motor integration in the cortex of rodents.

We currently explore the functional role of cortical topographic maps using a closed- loop brain-machine interface that combines a chronic electrophysiological readout of single neuron activity in the primary motor cortex with a mesoscopic patterned feedback in the primary somatosensory cortex. The post-doctoral researcher will be instrumental in establishing a fully optical version of this brain-machine interface. It will be based on the high-speed imaging of cortical tissue that will express genetically encoded reporters of neuronal activity.

The researcher will take advantage of this new tool as well as our already established setups to explore the cortical sensory-motor integration at the mesoscale, and in particular how mesoscopic cortical waves of activity may integrate sensory inputs when solving behavioral tasks.

The Lab : The post-doctoral researcher will join the team of Daniel Shulz at the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, a leading research center with brand new facilities near Paris, France. The team, which includes 4 permanent researchers as well as post- doc, PhD students and technicians, specializes in the study of the primary sensory and motor cortex in the awake behaving mouse model, using innovative brain imaging and optical stimulation techniques.

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