PostDoc Position, Gif-sur-Yvette, France // Deadline : Now !!

We are seeking for a postdoc position in the framework of a project called “BRICON”, and which was recently integrated in the Human Brain Project European flaghsip. BRICON aims at investigating mechanisms of sensory perception and consciousness based on a strong interaction between computational models and experiments on human and monkey. The model will consider how the state of the brain interacts with external input and allows neural activity related to external input to propagate (or not) between brain areas. We will constrain the model based on unit recordings obtained in awake monkey collected by the experimental teams (Fanis Panagiotaropoulos and Stanislas Dehaene, NeuroSpin center).

Models will start with conventional spiking neural networks, which then will be converted into population models using mean-field techniques. These mean-field model will then form the basis of whole-brain models simulated using The Virtual Brain platform of the HBP.

The postdoc can begin as early as January 2021, and latet on June 2021, and will be for a 20 month period. We expect that candidates have prior experience either in computational neuroscience, or in sensory perception.

The working environment is the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience (NeuroPSI) of the CNRS, which comprises 22 research labs in experimental and computational neuroscience, mixed in the same environment. The postdoc will thus interact on a daily basis with experimentalists and theoreticians, and regular visits to the experimental labs of BRICON (Panagiotaropoulos and Dehaene), who are working next-door in the NeuroSpin center. The postdoc will also interact strongly with the researchers and staff of Destexhe’s lab at NeuroPSI, and will actively participate to the activities of the EITN.

Interested candidates should send a CV and two recommendation letters at Alain Destexhe or email for more details