Post doctoral position in Lyon, neurophysiology and behaviour in non-human primates


Post-Doc, neurophysiology and behaviour in non-human primates.

The candidate will join Dr Emmanuel Procyk’s research line on frontal cortical dynamics and exploratory behaviours in the framework of a collaborative national Research Agency grant including 3 other French labs. The project covers medial frontal cortex physiology and locus coeruleus/NA system regulation of behaviour. The research includes a combination of behavioural testing, electrophysiology, and chemogenetics in non-human primates.

Ideally the applicant has experience with primate behaviour, electrophysiology, and/or pharmacology, and must have good skills in computer programming (any language) and statistics. Other profiles in behavioural neuroscience are very welcome.


• Lyon, France
• Institution : SBRI, Inserm U1208
• Lab. Neurobiology of executive functions

The SBRI is located within Lyon eastern hospital campus where all neuroscience institutes are located, in the vicinity of the neurological hospital and of the brain imaging facility, providing an ideal and rich environment for neuroscience research.

The lab is also a member of the Lyon CORTEX Labex (consortium) that federates labs working on brain development, structure, function and repair.

Lyon is a lovely and lively city with very high quality of life. Fast trains to main cities in the country (2h to Paris, 2h to Marseille and the sea) and close to the Alps.


The application, including detailed Curriculum Vitae, a cover letter, and names and contacts of 2 referees, has to be submitted to