PhD Position in Molecular mechanisms of membrane scaffolding // Charité, Berlin, GE

Profile :

  • Very good degree in a life sciences subject (eg cell and / or molecular biology / biochemistry)
  • Practical experience in basic cell and molecular biology techniques (cell culture, immunocytochemistry, protein biochemistry);
  • Experience with data analysis
  • Very good knowledge of English in spoken and written
  • Flexibility (also regarding working hours) and teamwork
  • Self-initiative, organizational talent

Project : Our project investigates a ‘PTEN containing plasma membrane-localized protein scaffold’, which spatially organizes phosphoinositides and the membrane-associated actin cytoskeleton to induce the formation of axon branches. We discovered that this protein scaffold involves the transmembrane protein Plasticity Related Gene 2 (PRG2), which accumulates in membrane nanodomains periodically interspersed with F-actin rings. The project will focus on the mechanisms by which the PRG2-PTEN-based membrane scaffold integrates signal transduction with cytoskeleton turnover. We hypothesize that PRG2 multimers organize downstream signaling molecules into nanoscale clusters for effective remodeling of the actin-based cytoskeleton during formation of filopodia protrusions that mature into axon branches.

The project is funded from now until June 2023 (almost 4 years), on a 65% full-time contract.

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