PhD in cancer Biology (Albi, France)

Valuing bioactive peptides for therapeutic applications: Identification and characterization of anticancer peptides

Scientific fields: Molecular and cellular biology, Cancer biology, Pharmacology Keywords: Carcinogenesis, GPCR, Ion Channels, Signalling pathways, Ant Venom

Host laboratory: BTSB, Biochemistry and Toxicology of Bioactive Substances, Champollion University in Albi, France

PhD Graduate School: SEVAB- ED458 « Sciences Ecologiques, Vétérinaires, Agronomiques et Bioingénieries »

Project: Description du projet:

Venom toxins from various species such as snakes, cones, spiders or scorpions have many therapeutic applications (pain relief (Miljanich et al., 2004), antidiabetic (Furman et al., 2004), anticoagulants (Warkentin et al., 2005) or anticancer (Mahadevappa et al., 2017)). Little is known about ant venoms despite a large species biodiversity and a large biochemical variety of their toxins. Using a venomic method, BTSB team has identified about 100 potentially bioactive peptides extracted from different ant species.

The aim of this project is to identify and characterize new potent anticancer peptides from ant venom.

The present PhD project proposes to i) develop and use screening assays in order to identified new anticancer peptides from ant venom and ii) characterize their mechanisms of action and the molecular targets focusing primarily on G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels which are often targeted by these active substances. Living cell imaging and fluorescent probes coupled to pharmacological agent or molecular tools (siRNA) will be used.

Structure/function relationship studies will be initiated with our national and international collaborators to increase the peptides affinity and improve their efficiency.

Expected candidates profile: Candidates should have a strong background in cellular and molecular biology, cancer biology and membrane proteins and should be familiarized with cell culture technics.

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