3-year Postdoc in Science Studies at Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen

We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow with a background in philosophy of science, science studies or history of science, for a project investigating diagnostic categories at the fault line between patient bodies, research labs and the clinic.

Applications close 5th April 2021.
The projectThe concept of diagnosis plays multiple roles in medical practice and biomedical knowledge. It helps make sense of patient bodies, directs treatment, and enables researchers to focus their work through categorized body material. While humanities research has often focused on psychiatric diagnosis, we believe diagnosis in somatic medicine holds great promise as a route to understand medical knowledge between practice and science and to map connections between research, clinical medicine and patients.
In the project Between Knowing and Doing the postdoc will investigate how clinical diagnoses enter and are used in research, how they are transformed in different systems of research, and how differentiated diagnoses return to the clinic and patients. Collaborating with a top research center, the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, offers an opportunity to follow diagnostic categories in practice and across biomedical research and clinical medicine.
Drawing on a practice-embedded philosophically informed approach, the project aims to bring us closer to understanding how biomedical knowledge and disease categories are co-produced. The researcher may draw on concepts such as epistemic iterations, epistemic hubs or historical categories underlying current usage, and employ methods such as philosophy of science in practice or ethnographic approaches.
MoreoverThe postdoc will play a central role in building up a group working on the philosophy, history and anthropology of diagnosis at Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen, (https://www.museion.ku.dk/en/) and simultaneously be part of the Novo Nordisk Centre for Basic Metabolic Research and Center for Medical Science and Technology Studies at University of Copenhagen.
It is a generously funded postdoc with opportunities to engage in outreach projects and events together with programming staff at Medical Museion and to co-organize a workshop, conference and other activities.
The full call and how to apply is found here: https://employment.ku.dk/faculty/?show=153486.
Any questions, please write to Karin Tybjerg karin.tybjerg@sund.ku.dk<mailto:karin.tybjerg@sund.ku.dk> or call on +45 5363 7951. Tybjerg will also share the current project description with potential applicants to help develop research proposals.

A note on eligibility: The CBMR International Postdoctoral Program is open for applicants that hold a PhD degree awarded from a university outside of Denmark, obtained before October 1, 2021. The program is also open for applicants with a Danish PhD degree who can document at least 12 months full-time research experience outside Denmark. You are not eligible to apply for the program if you have been employed in a postdoctoral position for more than one year at the University of Copenhagen prior to the commencement of the fellowship.