NBA Times – January 2020 –

NBA events 

What’s up? Find here the latest events organized by the association as well as those to come!

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My life in the lab

Each edition, we interview a researcher or a PhD student from de Bordeaux Neurocampus.

This month, find the exclusive interview of Emilien BONHOMME !

Come and read !




Meet your elected NBA members


Come and discover the profile(s) of new members of the association

For this year 2020, meet Marie VILLENEUVE, elected Secretary General for the last year of the 2018-2020 mandate!




Fun Facts

Research can sometimes be full of surprises. Find here the most unusual scientific publications !

This month, focus on ….cockroaches !



PhD Seminars

Check out here PhD seminars programmation for February and March !



Email adress for job offers

Developing and maintaining its network is a key element in the world of research. Thus, the association has created an email address on which you can send all offers of theses, positions, or post-doc, in France or abroad, so that these offers can benefit the members of the NBA.


Consult a job offers 


Send a job offers